I'm a fifty year old black woman. My hair fell out on both sides (not just the temples) and in the top of my head. What is the best remedy to get my hair to grow again.

The best way to get your hair to grow, is to provide correct nutrients and stimulation of scalp circulation so that your hair can grow properly. In order to grow your body needs protein, vitamins, and minerals. The best way to include more of these in your diet is to increase your consumption of healthy, lean proteins such as tuna fish, salmon, beans, eggs, and skinless chicken. For vitamins and minerals you should find a powerful, all inclusive, daily multivitamin and mineral supplement that contains silica. You can also had more silica to your diet by eating things like broccoli and onions. These are all things that encourage and provide the nutrients needed for your hair to grow. For external scalp stimulation you can either purchase a shampoo that contains tea tree oil or you can make one by adding 50 to 60 drops of tea tree oil to your existing shampoo. This helps to stimulate the circulation in your scalp, which in turn encourages your hair to grow. It is also important to avoid commercial hair treatments such as dying, straightening, perming, or any other hair treatment that involves chemicals. You should also avoid harsh styling products and things like air blow dryers and curling irons. These things are very hard on the hair and can cause scalp damage which of course leads to damage to the hair follicles.

answered by R P

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