Home Remedies For Folliculitis

First of all, you need to be sure that your rash is indeed folliculitis. Folliculitis does not usually develop into a full blown, progressively worsening rash, although this is certainly not impossible. In most cases however, only a few hair follicles get infected, and the infection spreads only if the immune system is weak, if proper hygiene is not maintained, or if the infection is unusually severe and treatment is not properly followed. The symptoms usually consist of a limited area of inflamed skin, with a few pustules indicating the infected follicles. If the rash is not really responding to the treatment and is continuing to spread, then you need to look into the factors mentioned earlier. First of all, ensure that proper hygiene is maintained – wash the affected area of skin regularly, and ensure that it is dry the rest of the time, as bacteria and fungi thrive on moisture. Also avoid touching the affected skin unnecessarily, as this helps the pathogens to spread to healthy skin and start an infection there too.

The next factor you need to look into is your medication – clindamycin is an antibiotic, and should ideally not be taken without medical supervision. Has your doctor prescribed this antibiotic, and is he or she aware of how effective (or rather ineffective) it has been? If you have been self medicating, you should stop this immediately. Dosage and duration of treatment are very important factors when using antibiotics, and if these are improper, the infection may become resistant to the drug, and will require stronger antibiotics, with more side effects. In any case, if you have been self medicating, you have no way of knowing whether you really have folliculitis or some other kind of skin rash.

There are numerous other factors that could cause a skin rash, and it is difficult to say what your rash could be without looking at it. For the next few days, try using an antibacterial soap, while maintaining strict hygiene and stopping the clindamycin (unless it has been prescribed, in which case you need to go back to your doctor). You can also apply a hot compress several times a day; this will reduce the pain and inflammation. In addition, you could try applying a small amount of tea tree oil, which has strong antifungal properties. If the rash persists or continues to spread then you will simply need to visit your doctor.

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Folliculitis is a skin disorder which involves infection of the hair follicles. These small white headed pimples in mild form also can be pretty embarrassing and irritating.

Home remedies for Folliculitis -

  • Apply warm compresses over the affected areas on the body. This will help to heal your rashes and also avoid its further spread. To help the boil burst and drain on its own you can also add salt in this warm water and use this water for compress.
  • Avoid wearing tight fitted clothes. Wear lose comfortable cotton clothes where in you skin gets some space to breathe.
  • Shave carefully to avoid any cuts and bruises. In case you are a women then prefer other hair removal methods.
  • Use chlorine in your hot tub at regular intervals. Other commercial hot tubs should be used if you are ensured about their hygiene.
  • Don't share your towels and bed sheets with other people and wash your towels and clothes after every use in hot water.

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