I am 40yrs old lady, having mestrual periods problem, and sexual disorderness.

As you are 40 years of age the symptoms you are showing could be an indication of menopause. At menopause the menstrual cycle gradually decreases and shuts down. Along with it the secretion of estrogen also shuts down. Few symptoms you will experience are, dry vaginas and oral membranes , weaker bones, increased susceptibility to hair loss, increased tendency to high cholesterol and larger amount of lethargy and tiredness. But this is a natural part of ageing and what you can do is to increase your intake of plant estrogens. These plant estrogens will provide you an external source of estrogen which is much safer than synthetic lab estrogen.

  • Black cohosh is one of the favored herbs used to treat menopause symptoms and it solos a great adapto-genic.
  • Dong quai is under consideration as providing a number of profits to menopausal women. Sometimes, dong quai can dilate the blood vessels plus in that way increase our blood flow. This definitely reduces hot flashes and vaginal dryness.

answered by A S

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