What could cause numbness in upper lip?

There can many reasons for numb lips and it's difficult to enumerate all of them. The main reason of numb lips can be:

  • Rough or broken teeth or fillings, oral devices, dentures and constant tobacco use can damage the skin of the lips and tongue causing numbness.
  • Sudden allergies to fillings, medications and food stuffs can cause numbness, swellings and sores around the mouth.
  • Recurring infections like thrush and cold sores give pro-dromal symptoms or warning signs like numb lips and tongue.
  • Nutritional deficiencies of vitamins are more likely to cause numb lips.
  • A large sore near or around the mouth can cause numb lips.
  • Diabetes or nervous system disorders can cause numb lips.

Few remedies on numbness of lips:

  • Change your tooth brush regularly as your toothbrush can harbor infections causing thrush and cold sores.
  • Avoid salty and acidic foods which can exacerbate cold sores to cause more pain and numbness.
  • Cover your lips with a tin layer of petroleum jelly to prevent cracking and numbness.
  • Continuing numbness of any areas of the tongue can be indicative of cancer and should be immediately evaluated by a doctor.

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