Does honey change hair color grey when applied?

Honey is sugar in simple form. When consumed in high quantities can cause wrinkles, speed up the aging process and even cause grey hair. However when applied tropically over the hair it does not change the hair color to gray (avoid its application if you are still at doubt). Premature graying culprits are mainly heredity, stress, mental worries, hormonal imbalance, and faulty eating habits. Some other conditions like alopecia areata, unhygienic conditions of scalp, or lack of certain vitamins (especially vitamin B12) can also cause premature graying of the hair. Try the following simple home remedies for grey hair.

  • Boil hibiscus leaves in coconut oil for half hour; add a piece of camphor in it. Strain this oil and massage alternate days for best results.
  • Honey (uncooked) when consumed with ginger works wonders for graying hair problem. Add freshly grated ginger juice to a bottle of honey. Store this and drink 1tsp of this ginger-honey mixture daily to prevent further graying.
  • Natural shampoo like sapindus mucorosai to wash your hair. You can soak the sapindus mucorosai pods overnight for effectiveness.
  • Emphasize on black sesame seeds, fresh fruits, dark green leafy vegetables, whole grains, sprouts and pulses.
  • Any kind of stress, anxiety or jealousy can aggravate the problem of grey hair.

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