Can leucoderma be cured in the initial stages?

Vitiligo is another name for this skin disease that causes white patches on the body. Leucoderma occurs because of the loss of pigment cells in the affected areas causing macules on the skin that are much lighter than usual. This condition is not dangerous or contagious, but it can be quite upsetting for the person who suffers from it.

Unfortunately, there is no known cure for leukoderma. It is, however, easier to treat in its early stages. Corticosteroids have been shown to be effective some of the time in the early stages of vitiligo. Psoralen, a substance derived from plants, with ultra-violet light therapy or ultraviolet laser therapy can be successful in alleviating symptoms. It is best to go to your doctor as early as possible to have leukoderma diagnosed and begin treatment.

Because stress can worsen vitiligo, it is important to take care of yourself. Reach out! Social connections are important, and much more so if you are feeling stressed. Meditate, keep active, take time for yourself for aromatherapy or something else that relaxes you. Try to eat a healthy, well balanced diet.

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Leucoderma is a skin condition that results in the formation of white patches scattered all through the body. This disease is also known as vitiligo and is a distressing disease. White patches are formed due to loss of skin pigment melanin from the layer of skin.

Leucoderma starts with the formation of small white spots on the skin that further develops into large white patches. At the early stage of leucoderma, you can easily cure the disease by taking preventive measures and treating small white patches. If you don't take care in the initial stage then the spots will merge and form broad whit patch in the course of time. Broad white patches can also cover your entire body, giving a completely white look to your skin.

There are certain home remedies that are time tested for treating initial stages of leucoderma. The best remedy is the use of psoralea seeds, known as babchi. Blend these seeds with ginger juice or cow's urine and grind it to form a powder. Dry this powder in shade and then consume it daily with milk. You can even apply the powder to the affected area. Whether you ingest it or topically apply, in both ways this proves to be the most effective way of treating white spots.

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