Underarm rash treatment

An underarm rash could be the result of a wide range of causes including allergies, excessive heat, sweat and grime, tight and synthetic clothes, specific disorders, fungus or yeast infections. In most cases it might be difficult to determine or diagnose the exact reason causing the underarm rash, but in the absence of any underlying medical condition, the most common reason for a typical under arm rash is usually lifestyle alterations. Lifestyle alterations could indicate that that the rash has been caused due to environmental factors such as chafing due to the friction caused by synthetic and tight clothing or the use of razors in removing armpit hair, to name a few.

Some people also experience allergy reactions in the form of underarm rashes and common culprits that cause for such adverse reactions include cleansing agents such as soaps or detergents and sometimes even perfumes or deodorants. In order to check whether the armpit rash has been caused due to these factors, you could try to eliminate each factor one by one and gauge whether the rash is related to it. In due course of time, you will eventually discover the reason behind the allergy reaction causing the rash and will be able to successfully eliminate the problem. Most people experience underarm rashes especially around the joint areas where tight clothing has been worn. Some people also develop adverse reactions to synthetic fibers and hence clothes made out of synthetic material can cause friction between the skin and the cloth leading to rash and a painful discomfort.

The area around the underarm is believed to be highly sensitive as the skin is tender and delicate. Underarm rashes caused due to clothing usually appear red and inflamed, and may cause a stinging experience. It is advisable to wear clothing that is loose and made out of natural material such as cotton, as cotton is useful in maintaining a cool and dry feeling around the skin. Wearing cotton clothes should help you to get rid of the problem if synthetic or tight clothing maybe causing the condition, in the first place.

In some tropical countries, people who experience underarm rash usually do so under environmental conditions such as extreme heat and humidity coupled with excessive sweat produced by the body. The constant dampness and the heat combined with the clothing causes a natural friction that irritates the skin. The rash developed due to heat or sweat is usually red and bumpy in appearance. Keeping the underarm dry with the help of medicated talc, or changing the clothes often during the day can help you to overcome the rash in a few days.

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If you are suffering from an infection of the underarm, the skin under your arm is probably red and inflamed. This is probably the reaction of your skin to the products you use on your underarms. The deodorants or antiperspirants that you use often contain very harsh chemicals. When you use these on the sensitive skin under your arms the dryness caused by the weather is aggravated. This leads to itching and the development of rash. On the other hand, if you are the type who sweats a lot, then the infection is probably caused by the sweat.

A rash under the arm could also be an indication of other kids of bacterial or fungi infection, so you should visit a doctor at once and let him decide on the proper course of action you need to take. Stop using any products under your arms. Wear lose fitting clothes in natural fibers rather than synthetic ones. Change your clothes as often as possible. Always pat dry your underarms.

For relief from the itching, fill a bath with lukewarm water, and add one tablespoon of baking soda to it. Soaking in this for some time will help relive you of the itching. Drink lots of water. Drink buttermilk throughout the day. Also include lots of yogurt in your diet.

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