Onions to cure boils

One of the most effective remedies to use in the treatment of boils is to apply the fresh juice of onion and garlic to them. For this purpose, you can use any kind of onions. But it is always better to avoid the sweet variety of onions, especially ones such as Vidalia. The reason for this is that these onions do not have enough of the property to “sting” as would be required to get rid of the boil effectively. Try to use strong-smelling red onions for this problem. This would be the best possible solution.

You must also remember that the smaller the onion, the stronger it will be in juices and flavoring. A word of caution here is that onions do not really provide a “solution” boils. They are more of a relief providing method to use. It is always safe to get boils of any kind medically examined, especially if they have been around for more than a couple of weeks or so. There is also a vast variety of ways to take care of boils at home. You can make a thick paste of turmeric powder and rose water and apply this liberally to the boils. This solution is antiseptic and healing in nature. You can also apply milk cream for relief. Placing chilled tea bags on boils also works well.

answered by G M

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