Polycystic liver home treatment

Second to skin, liver accounts for the largest organ in our body. It is the hub organ as it plays a host of functions in our body to maintain human health. Polycystic liver disease is characterized by numerous cysts of different sizes that are scattered through out the liver. It is an inherited autosomal genetic disorder in most of the cases, however there is no particular cause in many cases and liver cysts appear randomly. There are generally no signs and symptoms however when the liver enlarges due to swelling and cysts there are complains of abdominal discomfort and pain. It would be wise to limit or completely stop your alcohol intake to help heal the liver faster. Never combine alcohol with other drugs you are administered by your specialist. Take extra care of your diet and exercise regularly to remain fit. Oranges and papayas are especially beneficial for liver cysts. Fresh bitter gourd juice (1/2 cup) with a pinch of salt is a very effective remedy for polycystic liver.

answered by S P

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