Hair loss due to stress

You are right - one of the reasons of hair loss could be stress. If you feel you lead a high-stress life, start relaxing more often and consider taking up yoga. This will greatly benefit not just your hair-loss problem but also your overall health. And yes - stress-related hair loss is reversible to a large extent.

Considering that you are only 37, this is obviously not a case of losing hair due to old age. There are some other reasons for thinning of hair. Please read on and figure out what you might be effected by:

  • Genetics are a big decider of such things. The genes for hair loss are passed down from the mother. Check if there are any people in your family who have the same condition you do.
  • Hormonal problems too are a cause of hair loss. If you have a thyroid condition, please resort to corrective medication, and your hair loss will also be controlled.
  • A certain type of medication too can result in hair loss. If you have recently been taking any medicines, please review this once more with your doctor. Antidepressants, anticoagulants, and chemotherapy drugs, all have been known to cause hair thinning and sometimes, complete balding.
  • Hair loss is also a precursor to diseases like diabetes. Please visit a doctor and tell him your symptoms. This will de-stress you considerably, and in case your problem is really stress related, de-stressing will bring back your hair growth to normal.

answered by G R

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