What can I do for a pulled muscle?

If you have a pulled muscle, then try these following cures to treat your pulled muscles.

  • Ice pack is a wonderful option for healing pulled muscle. Application of ice results in decreased flow of blood to the affected area and thus helps in reducing swelling.
  • Keep your muscle mobile. Stretch it on and often so that your muscle does not get tight and immobile. But don't over stretch because over stretching might tear off the tissue completely and result in unbearable pain.
  • Warm compress is another way of treating pulled muscles. Ice helps in reducing inflammation whereas heat helps in alleviating pain.
  • Keep the affected muscle at an elevated height, slightly above heart level.
  • For pulled muscle in your legs, keep you legs elevated on a pile of pillows and for pulled muscle in your shoulder try using a sling to prevent further injury and bump.
  • You can even try treating a pulled muscle with a gentle massage. Massage helps in soothing, relaxing and strengthening your bones and muscles.
  • Always work to your limit. Everybody holds a peak of stress and workout and everyone should work under that peak. Avoid any kind of over exercise, over stress and excess of physical activity. This is the best way to prevent and treat pulled muscles.

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