What Can You Do For Pulled Groin Muscle?

What is commonly known as a “pulled” groin muscle is really a muscle injury. The muscles involved are the adductor muscles of the hip — a group of muscles on the inside of the thigh. With a minor injury to one of these muscles, the muscle is usually only slightly strained, resulting in some amount of discomfort. More serious injuries can involve tears of the muscle fibers, and, in rare and severe cases, tearing of the entire muscle itself. If your injury is serious, you should visit a doctor for treatment. Physiotherapy and medication for pain relief might be necessary.

However, most injuries to the groin muscle are minor, and do not require medical attention. For the first two or three days, you can apply an ice pack several times a day. The best remedy is rest — take a couple of days of bed rest, and avoid straining the muscle at all for at least a few weeks. After that, you can gradually resume normal activities. Meanwhile, after the first few days you can perform a few mild stretching exercises. Do not push yourself beyond the point at which it begins to hurt. Remember that muscle injuries take a long time to heal.

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