How to get rid of trapped gas in chest?

Gas is a result to two or three main problems. Indigestion is the main culprit, which may occur if you eat wrong, swallow large bites of food without chewing properly or swallow large pockets of air while eating. The second common problem for gas is mild undetected allergies to certain food substances. To check the problem, you must eliminate whichever condition applies to you and see if any changes occur. If there is no effect, try these simple remedies for getting rid of gas. Chew on a piece of dry ginger all day for relief from gas and acidity. Mix equal parts of dried ginger powder with asafetida and keep aside. Swallow a teaspoon of this with warm water at night, and you will pass out most of your gas in your sleep

In order to watch out for food substances you may be allergic to, write a diary of what you eat and see what is giving you the maximum trouble after eating. This may take a while, but you will notice a pattern fairly quickly and this will be the largest help in getting rid of the problem. Even otherwise, make it a point to avoid gaseous foods like beans, potatoes, fermented foods like cheese, carbonated drinks and corn. You can also avoid milk and milk products to see if it makes a difference, since milk is the most common of allergens.

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