Permanently removing skin blemishes

If you are looking for permanent removal of skin blemishes, then here are some of the best natural cures for skin blemishes:

  • Lemon is one of the best possible treatments for skin blemishes. You just need to rub lemon the affected skin area and you will notice that all marks and scars will get disappeared in a week's time.
  • Mix gram flour, turmeric powder, curd and lemon juice. Apply this face pack on your face. This pack is good for reducing marks and blemishes. Regular application of this pack will also give glow and luster to your skin.
  • Extract juice from grated potato and add few drops of lime juice and honey. Application of this pack will also help in diminishing marks and scars on your skin. Potato is a good bleaching agent which helps in reducing blemishes.
  • Combination of tomato juice and lime juice is also a good treatment for skin blemishes.
  • Mixture of lemon, honey and turmeric powder also helps in reducing pigmentation, marks, tan and blemishes.
  • Sandalwood is a good source for keeping away dirt, reducing blemishes, clearing skin and providing luster to your skin.
  • Rubbing a papaya leaf on your skin is also beneficial in reducing skin blemishes.
  • Orange abstracts are also effective in reducing blemishes and improving skin tone.

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