Is there an over the counter medicine that can relieve the effects of neuritis?

Neuritis is the inflammation of the neurons. Involvement of a single nerve is referred to as mono neuritis. Many nerves are associated with polyneuritis. Any kind of illness, disorder in circulation, demyelination, multiple sclerosis, sinus infection, tuberculosis and degeneration of the nerves result in neuritis. Pain and burning sensation of the affected areas are the common symptoms, though, loss of sensation, numbness and temporary paralysis is also common. Guidance of your physician is essential, in case of any serious condition. Drug abuse complicates the situation. Try some home remedies!

Drinking soy bean boiled water is an effective method of treatment. A glass of soy milk with a teaspoon of honey is taken at bed time for a few months. Boiling a teaspoon of barley in two glasses of water proves beneficial. It is cooled and drunk with buttermilk and lime juice. Spinach and carrot juice are helpful in treatment. About 200 ml of spinach juice is mixed with 300 ml of carrot juice. This is a wonderful treatment technique for neuritis. Avoid caffeinated beverages, wheat bread, tinned foods, refined sugars, refined cereals and condiments. Two to three warm epsom salt baths is an effective remedy.

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