Scalp Neuritis Treatment With Natural Cures

Can scalp neuritis result in any hair loss?

There are a variety of medical conditions that affect our nerves. Scalp neuritis is one such condition. When you suffer from Scalp neuritis, you will notice that the nerve that goes to your scalp has an inflammation. When the nerve is affected it affects the way you get sensation in your scalp. You will notice that your have a lack of sensation in your scalp. That is you will experience numbness in your scalp. You may also notice some tingling on the scalp. In some cases there may be some amount of pain of the scalp. Scalp neuritis is caused when the nerves in your scalp are either injured or else when they are inflamed. Some of the most common symptoms of scalp neuritis are patches of redness on the scalp. You may also notice that your scalp is swollen. In addition to this you may feel a constant urge to itch your scalp. You will also notice that the texture of your scalp changes. It does not remain smooth. It becomes lumpy. Headaches are usually very common among people who suffer from scalp neuritis. What is worse suffering from scalp neuritis can cause you to experience hair loss.

So yes, if you are suffering from scalp neuritis you are likely to experience some hair loss. You should consult your doctor at the earliest and seek his guidance in controlling your medical condition. In addition this you can make some changes in your diet to ensure that your hair loss is arrested. Eat healthy, balanced meals. You will find that eating vegetables and fruits help your hair grow back. Keeping cool and taking steps to remain distressed can also help your hair fall be arrested. Although massaging the scalp is known to help grow the hair, you cannot carry out this very simple remedy till you have checked it with your doctor. But you can ensure that you eat healthy food that is high in proteins. Eat plenty of fish since this does help arrest hair fall. You can also use Aloe Vera juice regularly. Drink the juice every day. You can also use the juice of Indian gooseberries to prevent hair fall. Mix equal quantities of the juices of both Aloe Vera and Indian gooseberries and drink every morning and night. Soak a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in water overnight. In the morning discard the water and eat up the seeds. Long term adherence to this practice can help hair grow.

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