What can I drink to get rid of gall stones?

There are several ways to take care of painful gallstones. However, it is important for you to remember that you need to get a medical opinion before you begin trying out home remedies with your gallstones. It is possible that home remedies alone will not be able to help out and that you may need a course of medical treatment to get rid of the gallstones.

In order to take care of gallstones, you should drink apple juice as often as you can. This is considered to be a useful remedy in helping reduce the pain caused by gallstones. Eating plenty of pears and beetroot is also a good way to improve general gall bladder health. It is also believed that drinking aerated water and cola-based drinks will help dissolve gallstones. However, it is recommended that you be very careful in your consumption of unnecessary calories. If you have gallstones, it is important to keep your weight in control and well within the prescribed weight limit for you. The age old recommendation of drinking lots of olive oil is not a safe way to get rid of gallstones. It may also adversely affect your gall bladder. Instead, you can start cooking with olive oil and removing any other oil from your kitchen use.

answered by M W

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