Does the OTC soap Cetaphil, kill lice?

In a recent study it has been found that application of a suffocating agent on the live, over a period of three weeks was effective in killing lice. Previously agents such as olive oil and mayonnaise have been used to achieve this, but dermatologists have found that the over the counter cleanser Cetaphil works far more efficiently. Not only does it work excellently to kill and remove the lice from the head, it is also completely non-greasy and a relatively cleaner method of ridding yourself of the lice. In addition it is not as expensive as olive oil and following up after application is much easier as well.

Application is easy - after separating your hair into several sections, apply Cetaphil over each and every strand as well the scalp so that there is not chance of leaving even a single louse. Comb out the excess lotion and blow dry your hair - once dry, Cetaphil not only dries the scalp, it also dries the lice by cutting off their oxygen supply and thus smothering them. It is important to leave the Cetaphil in your hair for at least 8 hours since lice can survive without oxygen for that long, so do this before sleeping. After 8 hours, you can wash your hair and use a fine metal comb to comb out any left over nits. Repeat the process thrice, a week apart, to ensure that any newly hatched lice do not start infesting in your scalp and start the reproducing cycle again.

answered by G M

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