Do you have a remedy for sand worms?

There are no parasitic worms known as sand worms — the only sandworms are the fictitious ones in the classic science fiction novel Dune, and these too are not really parasites. There are other real worms that may colloquially be known as sand worms, but these are not parasites. There are however several other worms that are intestinal parasites that affect humans. These include the hookworm, tapeworm, and pinworm. The most common is probably the pinworm, but it mostly affects children. You have not mentioned your symptoms, so it is difficult to tell what worms you actually have.

In general, a person who has intestinal worms tends to be generally weak and prone to illness, and suffer from abdominal pain and bloating, diarrhea, and sometimes even anemia. These symptoms however are not conclusive, and laboratory tests are necessary to detect the presence of worms, except perhaps for pinworms, which can usually be seen by the naked eye when the come out of the body at night. You should visit your doctor for a check up — after investigating your symptoms, if your doctor thinks you may have worms, he or she will recommend a stool test. If you do have worms, some mild medication should get rid of them in a couple of weeks.

answered by G R

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