What Cause Burning Sensation In The Hand And All Over The Body?

Problems in the liver and gall bladder can cause your ailments such as burning sensation of the skin. Certain types of drugs also lead to these conditions. If your skin is infected with a skin-disorder then too you will observe the uncomfortable symptoms of irritation. Skin disorders like psoriasis, scabies and even eczema are the usual culprits.

Another reason for such a disorder can also be anxiety. Psychological reasons have often been found to be causing skin burning, just like in your case. Such a condition is aggravated and worsened when you face stressful situations and fear-producing thoughts.

Certain remedies that you should try at home are listed below. But we recommend that you visit a general practitioner or skin specialist if you already have not. Here goes:

Powder Eaglewood in water and eat it. Eaglewood is also called Agar. If you can find the rare Himalayan Cherry, this fruit too can be had in a similar way. Finally, add sandalwood to the paste for further results.

Crush sandal, pepper and sugar and make a paste with these and water. This should have a cooling affect on the body. Eating sulphur purified in milk with cumin seeds will further extinguish the burning sensations and bring about a soothing, cooling affect.

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