Are there natural cures for fibrocystic breasts? Dietary changes?

In order to care for your swollen and tender breasts, you can have frequent hot water baths. Run hot showers over your breasts in order to bring down the swelling. This is perhaps the most effective remedy available at hand. It will give relief from the pain of the condition. You can also gently massage your breasts with castor oil. Apply castor oil and then place a warm compress over your breasts and let it lie for a while. This will help to give you relief from the pain. One of the ways of preventing the formation of more lumps or even arresting the growth of the lumps you already have is to eat low fat, low calorie and high fiber foods. Research has shown a positive connection between the presence of progesterone, large quantities of which are supposedly responsible for your condition, and high fat foods.

The other positive element that medical research confirms is that all caffeine and caffeine-related products are instrumental in prolonging the life of the lumps in your breasts. You would need to strictly avoid these. You can switch to chamomile tea instead, which is well known for its healing properties. Make it a point to drink lots of water, as this will improve the general condition of your health as well.

answered by M W

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