How can I get rid of an ovarian cyst?

There are no simple solutions available that can help you to get rid of ovarian cysts. There are, however, some practices that you can eliminate from your lifestyle if you want to make concentrated efforts to get rid of them. If you are a smoker, be aware that smoking is one of the causes of women developing ovarian cysts. You must quit immediately, as it will be at least a year before your body can register this information and start acting accordingly. Another common reason for development of ovarian cysts is hormonal imbalances. In order to control this condition, you must get a medical opinion which will help you to determine exactly what hormones are being over or under produced in your body. Without a medical examination, it is not possible to start even any kind of simplistic home remedy to make a difference.

What you can do, however, is work towards improving your general immunity and resistance to diseases. Include 30 minutes of exercise in your daily routine. This will help you to boost your immunity by giving all the internal systems of your body a general overhaul. You must also start taking Echinacea everyday. This will help considerably. Alternatively, you can also take Indian gooseberry (indian gooseberry), as this is very rich in Vitamin C, which is the most important ingredient to improve immunity.

answered by G M

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