Green Tea for High Blood Pressure

by Sam Malone

Green tea is prepared solely from the leaves of Camellia sinensis who that are exposed to minimal amounts of oxidation during processing. There are varieties of green teas available in different parts of the world such as Asia and the, Middle East. etc.

Green tea is considered as one of the best natural cures against high blood pressure and it inhibits the Angiotensin converting Enzyme (ACE) and thereby lowers blood pressure levels.Typically, ACE once released starts a reaction that results in the muscles that surround the arteries to shut down making them smaller and hence raising the blood pressure levels. Catechins present in green tea are also known to help lowering triglyceride and blood pressure levels. Research has shown that there are various other benefits of green tea such as controlling blood sugar and acting as a powerful anti oxidant. The presence on account of the presence of catechins which is also known to also keep diabetes in check.

Hypertension or high blood pressure is of two types namely LDL and HDL. LDL cholesterol is primarily responsible for formation of blood clots. Green tea helps in reducing the levels of LDL cholesterol and hence keeps one protected against heart attacks and strokes. It does so by reducing the levels of thromboxane which is the main culprit behind formation of blood clots. Green also promotes the production of HDL which is considered as good cholesterol and thereby also removes the plaque that may have accumulated in the arteries causing high blood pressure. The anti oxidants naturally present in green tea also create protective shield around the liver thereby protecti9ng it from the ill effects of alcohol and nicotine consumption. Green tea is also known to help in weight loss as it promotes burning of extra calories. This is because it increases the amount of energy levels and aids in oxidizing fats. Green tea also prevents inflammation of blood on account of the anti oxidants present in it and thus helps in preventing or controlling arthritis. In addition to high blood pressure green tea also helps in keeping diabetes at bay by on account of the polyphenols present in green tea. This reduces ing the amount of amylase produced in the blood which would have otherwise aided in the conversion of starch into sugar.

However, care should be taken while consuming green tea as it contains higher levels of caffeine than regular coffee. Hence consuming green tea in excess may have a negative effect on those suffering from hypertension.

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