Orthostatic Hypotension Treatment

by Sam Malone

Orthostatic hypotension is the name given to the unique property of hypotension to impact people when they are standing. It is not different from hypotension, but it can be said that it is a separate part of the whole disease of hypotension. The symptoms of orthostatic hypotension include things such as dizziness, pain in the chest, fainting, having trouble breathing, possible impotence, excessive dryness in the skin, and loss of bladder control. There may be people who suffer from a combination of these symptoms or just a couple of them here or there. In any case, you would need to control the worst of the symptoms by controlling the root cause of the disease. There are two types of hypotension patients. One type are people who have recently acquired this disease, and the second type are those who have had it for long enough for it to become a chronic disease. If you fall in the latter category, please do not delay seeking medical help. Lack of medication with this condition could become possibly detrimental to your general health and condition. It is also possible that since the disease has run unchecked, you may need medication to bring it under control.

Home remedies can only help the situation along. To start with, check your diet and ensure that you are able to maintain an optimum body weight. This is important because it allows for your blood to flow better and will help to raise your blood pressure as well. Add exercise to your daily regimen. This will be useful in improving your condition. Keep in mind that you would have to move very slowly in order to avoid dizziness. Do not get up suddenly or change sides suddenly while lying down. Try and sleep on a bed where the top part of the body is slightly elevated. This will help as opposed to lying flat, since blood will tend to pool if you do this. You should also be careful to not try and prevent urinating. This will also cause problems and may even cause dizziness. Stay in cool and comfortable environments, as this will be helpful in seeing to your comfort. Try to walk about after eating. On the subject of meals, try to eat small and regulated meals instead of large ones. Also remember to always keep drinking water handy. It is essential that your body does not become dehydrated as this will only worsen your condition.

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