Cannabis' 4 important benefits for Human Health

by Sam Malone

For many decades Cannabis was viewed as a dangerous drug for our health, and a continuous wave of negative media coverage has had a vilifying effect on the drug. Now things are starting to change in how we view marijuana, especially as a drug used for medical purposes. This view has not been adopted by the mainstream yet, and only a few people know just how useful this medicine is.

The results from an ever-increasing body of research studies show that the medical use of marijuana (cannabis) has a potential treatment benefit for a number of conditions. Some very important ones are the following:

Cannabis increases our appetite and improves our sleep.

THC can be used to boost appetite among patients, so if you've ever had any trouble with your appetite, then CBD might be just the right thing for you. THC is known for its ability to help with various eating disorders. Most notably, this includes stimulating weight gain in people with anorexia. Different kinds of studies have shown THC can help stimulate the appetite even in the case of aggressive diseases, such as HIV and cancer. Moreover, CBD in combination with THC can help people sleep. This can be very important in cases of patients suffering from serious health conditions who need to rest and heal themselves naturally.

Cannabis controls epileptic seizures

According to a study from Virginia Commonwealth University, marijuana can be used to control epilepsy. (You can read more about it here)

Seizures are involuntary muscle spasms and are one of the most severe symptoms of epilepsy. The problem with conventional epilepsy treatments are the side effects. Sleep disturbance, nausea, headaches, and often liver failure are just a few from a long list of side effects. It has been repeatedly proven that CBD oil can cure many kinds of conditions, from reducing nausea and vomiting, healing psychosis, and dealing with tumour/cancer cells. Also, it is very important to notice that CBD is a non-psychoactive substance, meaning you won't get high while using it. Research confirms that CBD oil can help people suffering from epileptic seizures. As the Epilepsy Foundation suggests, “When conventional treatments do not work, as is the case for roughly 30% of people with epilepsy, it is not unreasonable to consider cannabis.”

Cannabis cures chronic pain

Cannabis has been a well-known analgesic for thousands of years. Humanity is enjoying the benefits of a natural pain killer without the disadvantages of using strong painkiller pills that contain opiates.

There is an epidemic of painkiller addiction in the United States. Thousands of people are addicted to dangerous medication easily prescribed by their doctors. Painkiller prescriptions have nearly tripled in twenty years in the United States. The side effects are often more disastrous than the relief they are supposedly offering. Not only are the side effects dangerous, but every year it is responsible for the death of an ever-growing number of Americans. Many painkillers carry risks, and can be harmful for the health of a person who seeks relief from pain, but ends up with a much more serious addiction problem. That is the reason why more people every day prefer to follow the natural way of pain management. Cannabis has the ability to ease the pain in our muscles and joints, and also eases injury-related pain.  

Cannabis prevents the development of Alzheimer’s and reduces its symptoms

It is believed that long-term brain inflammation is the root cause of Alzheimer's disease. The healing functions of two of the basic cannabinoid compounds of Cannabis THC and CBD are proven to directly affect nerve cell function. As a result, the two cannabinoids reduce chronic brain inflammation. Researchers found that treating Alzheimer’s disease patients with medical cannabis oil alongside their existing pharmacotherapy is a safe and effective treatment.

Another relevant property of cannabinoids is that they tend to slow down the aging of the human brain, thus preventing diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Of course, Cannabis has a lot more medical benefits to offer for many other types of ailments, and there is ongoing research that shows promising results for future applications.

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