Small Intestine Cancer

by Carol Gomes

There are several different types of cancer, which affect the small intestine. Adenocarcinoma, sarcoma, carcinoid tumors, etc. are different types of cancer that can affect your small intestine. Each one spread differently and differs in degree of aggressiveness.

Small intestine comprises of all parts like gastrointestinal tract, duodenum, ileum, etc. duodenum is the beginning of the small intestine, it is the first part in small intestine which can be affected with cancer. This cancer is known as duodenal cancer. This type of cancer is rare. This cancer can be cured by chemotherapy; it is difficult to treat this cancer, because this cancer is surrounded by blood vessels which supply blood to lower body parts. Duodenum is the part where bile from gall bladder mixes with the food to digest it further. In order to cure the duodenal cancer, intestinal bypass surgery, too can be the solution.

Gastrointestinal tract is the tract which starts from the mouth and ends in intestines, this tract too can be susceptible to cancer, this type of cancer is known as gastrointestinal stromal tumor and happens to be a type of sarcoma. The symptoms begin when the patients starts feeling discomfort in swallowing, metastases and hemorrhage. The diagnosis is required to be made by biopsy and endoscopy.

The treatment for this type of cancer is done by combination of several methods like chemotherapy, surgery, radiology, etc. In case the tumor is benign then there is no requirement to undergo more surgeries or treatment.

Ileum is the last part of the small intestine, the function of this part of stomach is to absorb mineral like the Vitamins, Folic acids, salt, etc. If cancer affects the Ileum it is known as the carcinoid tumor, this tumor is dangerous type of tumor since it is more often the malignant type of tumor. This tumor is caused from cells from the neuroendocrine tumor. Though rare, this cancer is has the quality of behaving like a benign cancer, though it is a malignant cancer. It causes over secretion of serotine, therefore, causes excessive diarrhea, stomach cramps, etc.

The treatment for this type of cancer is only surgery, chemotherapy has not been found useful for this type of cancer. All stomach cancers are of serious nature, some of these can be benign which might not require further treatment, whereas some are very serious cancers. These can be controlled if treated in time, though many a times a cancer does not present itself until it is an advanced stage.

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