Male Hypogonadism

by Sam Malone

Male hypogonadism is the condition when a male person has inadequate supply of male hormone testosterone. Testosterone is very essential because it influences and regulates the physical and even emotional development and well being of a male person. It is a hormone that is dominating in male organisms and is responsible in giving the male distinction from the female. Females also have testosterone albeit at very limited to almost negligible levels.

If a male would suffer from low testosterone levels, chances are greater that there would drastic effects on how he would act and how his body would appear. There are several reported cases of male hypogonadism and almost all of those cases are treatable. Wit the advanced state of science and medicine, it is no wonder that the condition can be easily altered and corrected.


The exact cause as to why testosterone levels would decrease in a male person is still not yet exactly determined and specified. However, there are several theories and simple explanations offered to the public so that many people would understand the condition more.

One suggested cause of male hypogonadism is changing hormonal patterns. In a person, the production of the different hormones may differ and be altered when there are drastic changes and modifications on the function of the pituitary gland, which is very much in control of hormone production in the body.

Significant declines in production of testosterone may manifest as early as during the prenatal period of the individual. When that happens, the development of the male reproductive organs may be affected. Such cases may also manifest during and before male puberty and may be indicated and diagnosed during adulthood.


Low testosterone levels in a male person would drastically affect how that person is living. For example, if the condition occurs during pre-natal, sex organs may not be developed and would pose a problem. Before male puberty, overall growth and physical development of the person may be altered and stalled because testosterone is an important and essential hormone that regulates and accelerates growth in male persons.

If male hypogonadism occurs during puberty, growth and physical changes may take effect. For example, the person would not experience the usual signs and manifestations of male body development. If the condition, on the other hand, occurs post puberty, he would notice significant changes in behavior. He might also suffer from a condition known as erectile dysfunction, which would hinder him from having sexual encounters and intimacies with a partner. For adults, infertility would also be a problem.


The basic treatment known and used to correct male hypogonadism is testosterone replacement therapy. The treatment is done by injecting or infusing artificial or synthetic testosterone to the male's body. The aim of such a procedure is to replace and add to the level of testosterone so that levels would be normalized.

As for infertility problems, assisted reproduction would be viable option. Assisted reproduction is a modern technology wherein sophisticated and highly scientific approaches are being done to facilitate conception or pregnancy. There might be test tube conception or artificial insemination wherein the sperm from the person would be injected to a fertile egg of his partner.

Overall, male hypogonadism is a severe and serious case but if the patient would be open minded and knowledgeable about the situation, everything would be put into its proper order. Deal with the problem positively and you would get over it without any hassle.

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