Body Treatment

by Andrew Mills

Body treatment is one of the primary area of importance in a spa. It is an extended facial or a facial treatment to cleanse and exfoliate the body. Cleansing, exfoliation and hydration are three vital steps in body treatment. Sea-salt scrub is an important and famous body treatment and is also referred to as salt glow technique. This is a kind of exfoliation and is performed on a massage table, covered by a plastic sheet. It calls for the application of a mixture of aromatic compounds and sea salt and requires the individual to lie on their abdomen. The skin becomes soft and velvety, post treatment, due to the exfoliation process.

Body scrubbing takes around fifteen minutes. A warm shower, without soap, helps in removing the dirt. Oil coating is left on the body. It is a revitalizing and refreshing experience. It is better to have a scrub, before going in for a massage. The essential oils or scrub materials are changed according to the condition of the client in body treatment. A peppermint salt glow, cucumber salt glow or orange blossom salt glow are few types of essential oils used. Body scrub materials include grape seeds, coffee grounds and pecan shells.

Scrub is followed by a body wrap and body mask. The client is enveloped in algae, seaweed or mud with a thermal blanket. This helps in triggering the metabolism and hastens the process of elimination of wastes. Hydration treatment makes use of cream or lotion. Body wraps are also used in the treatment of cellulite. Weight reduction is accomplished by the diuretic effect. Salt glow keeps the skin fresh and supple by hydration technique. Salt is applied in combination with aromatic compounds and oil. The former includes figs, lemon and lavender. A shower after this step is helpful.

Body lotions help in making the body fragrant and smooth. Sometimes, salt glow is carried out on a wet table. The client is made to lie down on the abdomen and the back is initially done. Then, they are made to turn over and the front side is completed. Avoid usage of a shower gel, as the oil and the aromatics might get washed away. In a wet table body treatment, the therapist uses a hand shower or a Vichy shower to give a wash. The latter is a six-headed shower that is placed in a parallel fashion. Typical treatments are available in each spa and knowledge of this helps in obtaining the maximum benefit.

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