Chronic Renal Failure Types

by Carol Gomes

Very few people know what chronic renal failure is and fewer people know that there are three types to this disease. Chronic renal failure is essentially an ailment that affects a person's liver and is the gradual deterioration of the same either through aging or due to a certain disease or traumatic experience or accident. When a person gets chronic renal failure, the effects can be catastrophic if he or she does not act fast enough to get a cure for the ailment.

The three major types of chronic renal failure or CRF are Prerenal CRF, Postrenal CRF and renal CRF. These classifications are given to certain renal types according to where the illness has dealt the most damage or where the illness can be primarily located. While you can diagnose a person as having chronic renal failure, determining the reasons why may a bit trickier and sometimes impossible. The important part, however, is to correctly diagnose if a person indeed has CRF or chronic renal failure and finding the right treatment for the kind of renal failure he or she may have.

Prerenal CRF can often be associated with certain characteristics and effects like the shrinking of one's kidney, the incidence of low blood flow to a person's kidney, nephron function loss and finally the onset of full blown CRF. Postrenal CRF on the other hand is associated with a blockage of a person's normal urine functions and may result to damaged nephrons and  obstructive uropathy. These problems may impede the normal flow of a person's urine that may eventually lead to other problems that can be tied with CRF. Among the problems a person suffering from Postrenal CRF may experience include the enlargement of the prostate gland that may result in a person having an obstructed bladder outlet. The person can also suffer from kidney stones as a result of this illness and a possible VUR or Vesicoureteral reflux, which is basically the back flow into a ureter of the urine from the person's bladder.

Renal CRF is characterized by the changes that can be seen in the person's kidneys and is often categorized into a few other types. Depending upon the prevalent effects and causes, renal CRF may be classified as Diabetic nephropathy, or the kind that is caused by diabetes, Hypertension Nephrosclerosis, which is the kind often associated with African Americans and Vasculitis, or the condition that causes small blood vessels to become inflamed. Other types of renal CRF include Cystic kidney disease, Renal vascular CRF, Chronic interstitial nephritis, Chronic glomerular nephritis and other kidney diseases that may have been brought about by heredity.

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