Why Does it Work?

by Garreth Myers

Today, we depend heavily on pharmaceutical medications for even the smallest health problems. When you think about it, minor issues like toothaches and sore throats have been around for centuries... so logically, there may be a simpler method to deal with these issues (rather than blindly force more chemicals into your system!) Home remedies can be invaluable in the treatment of minor health conditions so before you pop a pill, you may want to discuss home remedies with your doctor. It is natural to wonder about or even doubt the effectiveness of these remedies, so here's the lowdown on just 2 of the most commonly used home remedies: ginger for a sore throat & clove oil for a toothache.

Ginger for a Sore Throat

It is annoying to have a persistent itch but it's so much worse when you cannot scratch the itch! A sore throat can be extremely annoying and it can even bring on a bout of cough and cold, which is why you should treat it as soon as possible. Ginger tea is a great remedy for a sore throat and even a few sips of this steaming brew can instantly soothe your throat. So, why is ginger so effective in the treatment of a sore throat? These are just 3 reasons why you should use ginger to cure your sore throat:

  • Ginger has anti-inflammatory compounds and this helps to soothe a sore throat and ease your discomfort. Furthermore, these compounds will also help to reduce nasal congestion if you have a cold.
  • Ginger is classified as a sialagogue which means that it stimulated the production of saliva and the increase saliva helps to moisten and soothe your itchy throat.
  • Ginger contains gingerol, which is a compound that has a warm and pungent taste and this helps to stimulate mucus production so that the mucus that has hardened within your respiratory can be easily expelled.

Clove Oil for a Toothache

A toothache is particularly painful as our gums are more sensitive than the rest of our skin. We may ignore all other aches and pains, but the moment we get a toothache we get an immediate appointment with our dentist! But what would you do if you could not visit your dentist? Well, as your grandma probably told you when you were a kid...use clove oil! You may be skeptical at first, but as your pain recedes, you start to wonder why clove oil is so effective in treating a toothache. Here's why...

  • Clove oil is a natural analgesic (painkiller). This means that you will not need to wait for hours for relief from your pain. The oil may cause a slight numbing of your gums but this is just a temporary effect.
  • Clove oil has antiseptic properties and this helps to prevent and/or treat any underlying infection such as gingivitis.
  • Clove oil contains Eugenol which is an oily liquid that functions as a local anesthetic, thus reducing the pain.

Make sure that you dilute clove oil with olive oil before you apply it to your tooth. This is because undiluted clove oil has several potent compounds that can cause tissue damage.

When you are unwell, you may decide to search online for a home remedy and sure enough... you find scores of them for every ailment on earth! Before you decide to follow through with a home remedy, keep in mind that many of these remedies may have unknown effects or even worse, they may have a negative reaction or they may interact with medications that you are already on. Always discuss your treatment plan with your doctor before you put it into action.


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