Ways to Ease COPD

by Sam Malone

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a chronic condition which builds over a period of time. Till date, there is no known cure for this disorder. There are several treatments which are available that can help reduce the symptoms, allowing the patient to breathe a little easier. However, they are not permanent cures. Here are some tips which can help patients manage their condition better.

Causes of COPD

COPD causes permanent lung damage and there is no way to reverse it. However, one of the easiest ways to slow down the deterioration of the lung capacity and to improve the quality of life of the patient is to stop smoking tobacco. For active smokers, kicking the smoking habit can be most beneficial. For passive smokers, it is important to stay as far away from tobacco smoke as possible. If you have someone suffering from COPD at your home, make sure that you do not smoke in their vicinity as it can complicate their condition.

It is important to avoid the triggers of an episode. COPD is known to flare up due to irritation of the lungs. There are several irritants that can cause discomfort and these are present both indoors and outdoors. The foremost thing is to avoid pollution. If you are stepping outside in a vehicle, roll up your windows and use the air conditioner. If you are on foot, make sure your nose is covered so that you do not inhale particles that may act as irritants. Some of the other triggers that you should be careful of are chemicals like aerosols, changes in weather, high altitudes, pollen, humid air, and strong winds. At home, cigarettes, smoke from fireplaces, pet dander and hair, mildew, dust mites, and solvents are some of the triggers that you should steer clear of.

At all times, it is important to monitor your symptoms. Note which triggers make the symptoms worse and avoid them altogether. Monitoring the complications in this way can help your doctor treat you. This can also help the doctor give you more suitable medication and medical attention.

>Diet is an important part of managing the symptoms of COPD. Though it cannot cure the symptoms, it can make the immune system stronger so that the body can defend itself better against infection and triggers.

Physical exercise as well as adequate sleep is extremely essential. Your doctor will be able to guide you through the exercises which can help ease your symptoms. You may have some trouble sleeping because of the choked breath. However, it is important to get adequate rest. To ease your sleep, avoid caffeine and create a congenial environment around you where you can relax.

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