Treatment for Syphilis

Antibiotics are used as treatments for syphilis. Only a doctor will be able to identify at what stage you are, and what drugs need to be prescribed.

Drug-resistant strains of the syphilis bacteria are also cropping up rendering some treatment methods useless. Therefore your doctor will know which drug to prescribe. Penicillin was usually the drug of choice but today there are stronger drugs too.

If the disease is in the secondary stage, then treatment is likely to get stronger. The strength of the treatment will also depend on the different symptoms visible. Penicillin could also be administered intravenously. If you, as a pregnant woman, might be allergic, remember to mention that to your doctor. He will ensure that he first makes your body accustomed to the drug.

Occasionally allergic reaction may occur. This reaction, called Jarish-Herxheimer reaction, which occurs as the bacteria causing syphilis causes the immune system to give out certain cytokines as it breaks down. It can cause fever and muscle pain and usually does not last beyond 24 hours.