More user remedies on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

150 MG od Vitamin B-6
suggested by Barbara on Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I had a burning, numbing sensation in my right hand, and was sent to a specialist who told me to use 150 MG of B-6 for 3 weeks and give him a call and let him know how I was doing. I called him and told him that some of the pain and numbness was gone, and he told me to cut back to 100 MG, and that I was going to get better. That was 18 years ago, and thank the Lord I have been pain free for that many years.

Japanese mint oil
suggested by Riki on Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I am a massage therapist and one of my common tools is Japanese mint oil (alot of therapists will sell this). Apply to the wrist in the morning and cover with a warm wet compress for 5 minutes to loosen the area, and apply to the wrist and cover with a cold wet compress in the eveining to alleviate inflamation. I have carpal tunnel from work, and this works like a charm!

Carpal Tunnel
suggested by Elizabeth on Sunday, May 27, 2007

Is caused by damage or irritation to the vertebrae of the neck and top thoracics. Find someone who can alleviate these and it will disappear as if by magic. The top thoracics are the most difficult to adjust because they are usually calcified and resistant to movement. Deep massage or a decalcification treatment would help also.

Bowling brace, Carpel Tunel
suggested by Julie on Sunday, December 31, 2006

Wear a bowling brace to protect when sleeping and when doing intensive or heavy work and take B6 (with B complex, of course, never take a single B without B complex also.) Some prefer a medical brace...see what works best for you. Having the stabillizing plate on the top of your wrist is easier to work with...some bowling braces have a plate on the top and bottom in pockets so one or the other can be removed.

try this if you begin noticing sympoms
suggested by Nicole on Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I am a medical student and we were taught about this in our diseases class. My teahcher said that if you begin to get the symptoms of carple tunnel or just some wrist pain, try to watch how you sleep. If you sleep with your wrists tucked in towards you or bent in any way, this could also cause carple tunnel. this is easily corrected if you pay attention to how you position your wrists. try to keep them straight, not bent in anyway, even if bent is more comfortable. this reduces the strain on your wrist and will help you to avoid carple tunnel. try to keep your wrist straight most of the time, do not let them be bent for long periods, like the waitress did by carrying trays on her hand with her one hand. this is not only the pressure from her wrist being bend too long repeatedly, but the wait of all the food and stuff on her trays.Hope this helps!

carpal tunnel
suggested by shelly on Thursday, December 14, 2006

i started taking glucosamine chondroitin, which is a joint lubriant. This helped me a lot. I also started wearing a magnetic bracelet. What a difference..try it...

An Injury that almost destroyed my life...
suggested by Adriena on Wednesday, December 6, 2006

I had/have carpal tunnel syndrom. This first began in my left hand and progressed to my left elbow (giving me tennis elbow), left shoulder and later my right hand and elbow. I only thought it could come from over using a computer...I was wrong. At the age of 19 I began feeling a tingling sensation in my hand...I've been a waitress at Cracker Barrel Resturant since April 2003...I wore some wrist supports. That helped for about a year. Then my job became unbearable. Oct 2005, I began avoiding my job. Pain had strickened me. Because this had came from my working at Cracker Barrel, I had to follow procedure for worker's comp. Constant visits to my doctor, cortizone shots, wrist splits and weeks of occupational therapy helped very little. The problem even worsened due to me being unable to use my left hand and elbow. My right hand was my only way of getting around. I needed help with putting on bras, clothes, washing up, eating, cutting and opening my medication. The medication Naproxen or Naprosyn felt like it was killing me. It did more damage to my stomach than relieve pain in my arms and hands. DON'T EVER TAKE THAT STUFF! It's okay in Alieve. That wasn't the best idea the doctor gave me either. I couldn't work anymore. I went 4mths without pay. I begged other people for money for survival. My job had no mercy or gave any compensation. Over $4000 later, My final solution came when I began taking One-A-Day for women and drinking vitamin water. Vitamin's B6 and B12 saved me and gave me some strength back. Also, my sister brought me a memory foam pillow that aided my shoulder pain when I slept. Maybe therapy will help now...I can finally lift 10lbs again!!! Because I'm a college student, I have low income, those months of decreased pay, doctor bills and no pay left me with a lot of debt...I'm still working to pay that off. Now at 21, prayer is all I can do...and notify everyone that being a waitress can be a dangerous occupation. Till this day...I've received nothing but pain and debt. My feelings are hurt because I was on that job for 3 yrs and 7mths before I quit. A year of being a hostess @ $7/hr wasn't getting me by. I was forced to move and get taken care of by someone else...knowing I couldn't work. I hope you reading this will inspire you to take your vitamins and maintain proper nutrition and stay prayerful...The battle is not yours. Special thanks...Melanie J. and Sharon M. @ Cracker Barrel for helping and friends for supporting me as much as you could.

massage therapy
suggested by Wendy on Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Have a massage therapist work on you. The muscles that are impinging on the median nerve can be worked on & tension released in that area. Unless there are special circumstances, surgery is not the best answer. Ask your doctor will you have full strength in that wrist & will the pain go away & stay away after surgery. Their answers will probably be no. There are other routes to take. Make sure your doctor is telling you about them. I know of many people who have had massage therapy instead of surgery & are much better or don't have it anymore...all without surgery

suggested by Rekha on Sunday, October 22, 2006

I have carpal tunnel syndrome for almost fifteen years. Never had surgery but every time I had chiropractic treatment for neck and spine problem my hands healed. I stopped having treatment and do whatever light work I can do. My symptoms have advanced to the point where my fingers, especially thumb gets dislocated and cause severe pain to the point where I have to scream. It can happen to any of the thumb, index and middle finger. I also have tendonitis so I have problem with all the fingers. Also due to the the nerve compression in the C7 I have pain in my shoulders. I feel as if my both arms are too heavy for my shoulders to carry. I am not obsessed. I weigh 100lbs. I am writing this so those who have a severe form of CTS will know what can happen to them after many years. I don't think there is any cure but just by giving hands a rest and do sedentary work, if there is any. I paint at my own pace and surf on the internet.

suggested by Fil on Sunday, October 15, 2006

I was operated on. This happened before I was diagnosed the calcific bursitis, of which I told you about . But my hands never went back to what they used to be, that is the complete feeling on the tips of my fingers has not returned completely. I go to chiropractice regularly and I found every time my back is straightened out and the "knots" on, around and under my shoulder blades are dealt with, my hands get back to normal. The median nerve on the arm may also hurt as if you had a bad bruise. When it is massaged on the spot it hurts the most, in the direction it runs there may be a feeling of something getting unstuck, then the hand gets back to normal. But I am still convinced it has to be treated as a whole: the in balance of trace elements, the spine must be straight and the muscles in your body need tuning. The reason I am submitting my experience and my views is in the hope that those who know a lot more than I, who only know from experience, may take my information seriously enough to look into it, with an open mind. The solution to any problem in life can only be found with open mindedness, by looking at knowledge scattered world wide. It does not matter where a good idea comes from and only the conjunction of global knowledge can lead to solving whatever problem.