Causes of Hemophilia

One of the main causes of hemophilia is a defective gene that causes the reduced levels or low activity of factor VIII. This is an inherited X-linked recessive trait making it more common in men than women.

Women can have the defective gene as well but in most cases this will mean that they are carriers of the disease and can pass on the condition to any of her sons. Her daughters will have a fifty percent chance of being a carrier as well. There are also cases where the cause of the disease remains unknown (idiopathic).

Studies indicate that there are some triggers or factors that increase the chance of a person developing hemophilia A. Some risk factors of “Hemophilia A” are:

  • A history of the condition
  • In rare cases, people with autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis or people suffering from certain types of cancer can develop a bleeding disorder very close to hemophilia as well.