February 3, 2010

Type 1 Diabetes – Causes And Treatment

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Most of the food we eat is ultimately converted into glucose, which is simply a form of sugar. Now, insulin is a hormone that is secreted by the pancreas that enables the body to absorb the glucose. In other words, it permits this glucose to enter the cells present in the body, where it can then be utilized as energy. When a person has Type 1 diabetes their body is unable to produce insulin. When faced with an absence of this hormone, the sugar levels begin to build up within the blood; this can then damage the blood vessels, nervous system, and internal organs. Since this condition was usually prevalent among teenagers and children it was formerly referred to as juvenile diabetes. However, please bear in mind that this condition may affect adults as well.

When a person suffers from this condition their body is unable to produce insulin, thus they need to be given a supplemental or artificial form of the hormone. A person suffering from type 1 diabetes needs to be given insulin on a daily basis in order to maintain the blood sugar levels. This is the main reason why this condition is also very commonly referred to as insulin dependent diabetes. Although this condition is not curable it can be effectively managed by following a healthy dietary regime coupled with regular exercise.

Diabetes type 1 nutrition involves consuming a diet that is low in salt, fat and added sugars. It is important to maintain a check on the amount of carbohydrates consumed as they have the largest effect on the glucose levels.

Type-1 diabetes diet also involves consuming plenty of fruits and green vegetables. Opt for whole grain food items instead of processed grain ones. A few suggestions for type 1 diabetes food include lentils and dried beans such as pinto beans and kidney beans. Fish should be incorporated into your meals twice a week. Non fat diary products such as non fat cheese, non fat yogurt and skim milk are a better option. Avoid foods that are high in calories such as, high fat ice cream, cakes, cookies and chips. When it comes to meat, lean meats such as sirloin and pork loin are recommended. To make it simpler, select cuts of pork and beef that end with the word loin. It is crucial to stay away from aerated drinks, alcohol, nicotine and sodas. Type 1 diabetes supplements that can help in keeping this condition under control are also available.