After taking 8 months treatment will TB reappear again? What diet is taken to increase your immune power?

Bacteria causing tuberculosis die very slowly. It takes several months to kill these bacteria and if the prescribed drugs and medicines are not taken for at least 6 months, then TB bacteria may grow again. But, in your case you have taken the medicines for about 8 months, so you don't need to worry because 6 months are enough to kill these bacteria.

Regarding your diet, you need to avoid foods that contain toxins and infectious substances such as margarine, chlorinated water, refined salt, carcinogen, food additives, refined oils, hydrogenated fats, sugar, sugar cane, baking powder, soft drinks and fried foods. Replace these unhealthy foods with foods that can strengthen your immune power and help your body to fight infection.

Foods such as aloe Vera, olive oil, cayenne, organic foods, castor oil, green tea, lemon, fruits, green leafy vegetables, garlic, onion, tomato and soy products are some of the popular foods that help in fighting bacteria and preventing tuberculosis. Include more of vegetable and fruit juices in your diet.

Always keep in mind that not all bodies are similar and not all people bear foods. Different people are allergic to different food substances. Some may be allergic to milk, some to ginger and some to garlic. So, ensure that you don't consume any food that your body can't tolerate and result in a reverse harmful reaction.

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