What type of rehab can be done at home for a dislocated shoulder?

Before we talk about the various treatments for a dislocated shoulder, it is important to learn a little more about a dislocated shoulder. A dislocated shoulder refers to an injury where the bones in the upper part of the arm come out (pops out) of the socket that is the shoulder blade. This condition occurs when the connection between the top edges of the arm bone loses connection with the socket of the shoulder blade. It generally occurs when a person has sustained some injury to the shoulder blade. You would experience extreme pain if your shoulder is dislocated. This pain can extend to the arms as well. A sudden sharp pain is experienced every time the person tries to move his/her shoulder.

Many people describe a dislocated shoulder as a feeling of the shoulder popping out. Treatments for a dislocated shoulder depend on the severity of the condition. Treatments for a dislocated shoulder have two aspects. One is controlling the pain and the other is relocation of the joint. A medical person or a doctor should be the only person who maneuvers the shoulder bones and brings it to the right place. This refers to a process known as closed reduction. The person may also be given a muscle relaxant or a sedative in order to reduce the pain that may be experienced.

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What are the symptoms and causes of a dislocated shoulder?

A dislocated shoulder occurs when a person sustains some kind of injury to the shoulder. Symptoms of a dislocated shoulder are as follows:-

  • Swelling or bruising( discoloration)
  • Intense pain
  • A visibly deformed or out of place shoulder
  • A sudden sharp pain each time the person tries to move the shoulder
  • An inability to move the joint
  • The shoulder looks quite different - instead of looking rounded, the shoulder looks square.
  • Most people get a feeling that their shoulder has popped out.
  • If any blood vessels or nerves in the shoulder area get damaged due to the dislocation, persons experience a tingling or numbness in the arms and hand.

What then are the causes of a dislocated shoulder? A dislocated shoulder could be the result of an injury caused by an accident. For instance, a hard blow to the shoulder during a motor vehicle accident could result in a dislocated shoulder. Genetic problems could also lead to shoulder dislocation. In this case, the shoulder joint is prone to dislocation also as a result of hereditary factors. A fall could also lead to a dislocated shoulder as could sports injuries sustained during games like football, hockey, volleyball, basketball and other such physical sports.

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How to fix a dislocated shoulder?

Healing a dislocated shoulder takes time. The process for healing a dislocated shoulder entails treatment, immobilization and rehabilitation. Sometimes, it can take several months before a dislocated shoulder heals properly. How does one fix a dislocated shoulder? Bear in mind that only a trained medical professional should attempt to put the shoulder back in its place. Surgery can be an option for multiple dislocations. Most first time shoulder dislocations are treated by closed reduction. This is a process whereby the doctor gently pushes the shoulder bones to the exact position. A muscle relaxant or a sedative may be given before this procedure is carried out.

The decision to give either a sedative or relaxant will depend on the severity of the pain and swelling that the person is experiencing. Once the shoulder bones are back in place, there should be an immediate and significant decrease in the pain that is being experienced. However, the shoulder may be immobilized with a sling or special splint for a number of weeks afterwards. Once the sling is removed an exercise program will be started. This exercise regimen will help the person to regain strength in the shoulder. These exercises help to mend the injured socket and help the patient to restore the joint to its full functionality.

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How long does it take to recover from a dislocated shoulder?

Dislocated shoulder recovery is not the same for everyone. The amount of time it takes for dislocated shoulder recovery depends on the wear and tear the person's shoulder has gone through in the past. It can take several months to fully heal from the injury of a dislocated shoulder. For dislocated shoulder recovery, treatment involves immobilization and rehabilitation as well. The initial phase of treatment involves pushing the head of the humerus back into the shoulder joint. The shoulder is then put into a sling and immobilized for about two to three weeks.

Physical therapy for the dislocated shoulder is started after this. The main aim behind physical therapy for a dislocated shoulder is to strengthen the shoulder muscles. Physical therapy for a dislocated shoulder helps in two ways. Firstly, it strengthens those muscles which were damaged in the dislocation. Secondly, by strengthening those muscles, it helps to keep the joint intact in the future. Physical therapy options for a shoulder dislocation include stretching exercises, stabilizing/strengthening exercises, and other such exercises to strengthen the joint and make it flexible. Physical therapy is a must for healing a dislocated shoulder and should be followed through till the end.

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Have a knowledgeable person put it back. If you have no insurance, most hospitals have to give free care under the Hill-Bartley act (I think that's the name). You just have to fill out finance forms to qualify.

Do a search on how to care for that shoulder if you can't see a doc.

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