what should I do to the burn on my arm to avoid it from scarring. it is scabbing and drying up now

There are several effective and simple home remedies that you can employ to get rid of scarring of any kind, especially if your scars are just forming. Rubbing garlic juice on the scar and leaving it long enough for it to dry and then washing it off with an herbal non acidic soap will be very effective. You can also apply milk cream with a few drops of lime juice added to it. This will heal and moisturize as well as lighten the skin in the area.

Aloe vera gel is a very highly effective measure to keep the skin clear from scarring. Since it is also therapeutic in nature, this will serve a two-fold purpose. You can freeze some cubes of plain tea, made with boiling tea leaves in water, and rub these over the scar periodically. This helps especially in treating burn scars, since it also has a cooling and healing effect. Make a scrub with pulped papaya and dried crushed orange peels. Use this on the scar at least once a day. Scrub gently with circular motions and for at least a couple of minutes. This will help remove dead skin cells as well as improve circulation, which will help clear the skin. Put a few drops of almond oil in Fuller's earth and apply this to the scar. A paste made of sandalwood and rose water will also be effective in vanishing scars.

answered by G M

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