What remedy is available for backache and abdominal pain in the lower region of my stomach. Mucus like faeces comes when passing stools. What is the treatment?

The most effective natural cure for backache is a massage with garlic oil. If you cannot find it off the shelf, it is easy to make your own. Heat 10 tablespoons of olive oil till it starts smoking. Switch off the gas and throw in 20 cloves of sliced garlic. The oil will smoke furiously and send out strong odours, but this means it is done. Wait for it to cool, strain and store. This can be used for massages. You may also use mustard oil for a massage, it is equally effective. Make a poultice of raw potatoes and onions apply this to the painful area. It will draw out the pain and give you tremendous relief. Try to lie flat as much as possible. Sit without slumping, as is an involuntary tendency. If your pain is too severe, wear a wide elastic belt around your waist. This should keep your back from moving too much and help provide relief.

Abdominal pain and mucus like faeces could indicate severe indigestion and excessive oil intake in your diet. You would need to cut down on your oil intake. Check for blood in the faeces. If you see it, you must seek medical help, as it could be a sign of something more serious. Eat a mix made of equal parts of anise seeds and powdered sugar. This will help firm up your faeces.

answered by G R

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