How to get rid of body lice? My daughter gets it in the eyelashes while her head is clean without any lice.

Most school going children suffer from an infestation of Lice at some point or the other. While head lice are concentrated to the hair, with the nits clinging to the hair, body lice are found all over the body. Body lice can be found behind ears and on neck. They often hide in clothes and move to people through contact. When Lice bite you, this causes an itch. Sometimes the itching results a break in the skin through which infections of various types can affect the body. Unhygienic living conditions, wearing unwashed clothes or coming into contact with people who are infected lead to a person playing host to an infestation of lice.

Of course, the first remedy is ensuring that all the clothes that your daughter wears, are properly cleaned. You will have to use very hot water in order to get rid of the lice. Repeated washings in hot water and strong detergents may be necessary before all the body lice are removed. Remember to also wash all bed clothes too. Since body lice can move easily to other humans, it is advisable to clean the clothes of all the other members of the family too. You can try some of the remedies used in case of head lice, to try to get rid of the body lice. Apply vinegar and any oil, in equal proportions on your daughter's eyebrows and hair. Wash it off after half an hour.

answered by G R

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