Home Cure For Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea is a disease that spreads primarily through sexual contact. This disease affects the reproductive organ in men and women. Sometimes the disease spreads to other parts of the body and affects the joints and eyes of the patient.

Men who are infected by the bacterium niesseria gonorrhea usually begin to see the symptom in ten days after the actual infection. They find that they experience pain while passing urine. The pain usually increases and often they observe discharge of pus form the penis. The penis itself may become red. In women on the other hand, there is virtually not indication of the infection for some time. Some women may have a mild fever while some others notice a discharge from their vagina. However, if you suspect that you have been infected, then you should visit your doctor immediately since gonorrhea can lead to various other complications. These include blindness induced by the infection, infertility, and even blood poisoning.

If you only suspect that you may have been infected, then you can try to prevent this infection by observing certain basic rules. Try to avoid changing partners too often. Maintain a high level of hygiene with your partners. The only home remedies involve using a herbal plant that is found mainly in India and Sri Lanka. Sida Cordifolia is a weed that is found in India. The leaves of this weed are beneficial in treating diseases like gonorrhea. If you can lay your hands on this plant, pound it completely using a little water. Consume the extract.

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