I have terrible tooth ache. Also a loose tooth which even after pain killer's aches. What do i do?

A loose tooth may be caused by periodontal disease. Such gum diseases can literally cause a tooth to suddenly fall out. The best way to treat gum disease and loose teeth is to prevent it by maintaining high levels of oral hygiene and regular cleaning. Since your tooth is already loose and giving you trouble, it is best that you see your dentist at the earliest. Dental treatment for a loose tooth may involve root planning, which is deep cleaning of the area of the gums that line the teeth. This scaling and cleansing methods removes built up plaque that may cause teeth to loosen and fall out. Bacteria that collect in these gum pockets may also contribute towards tooth decay and tooth pain. As a follow up to your dental treatment you will need to use a special mouthwash to keep your gums clean and healthy and prevent more loose teeth.

With regards to your toothache, it would be best to visit your dentist to treat that as well. In the meantime, you can try the following home remedies to help lessen the pain:

  • Clove is a natural toothache remedy and has been used for centuries to treat inflamed gums and painful teeth. You can use clove in its raw form and tuck a few whole cloves between the affected tooth and the gums. The clove oil released will help numb the area and decrease the ache. Alternatively, soak a cotton ball with a bit of clove oil and place this on the tooth for instant relief.
  • Echinacea is another herbal remedy for toothache. More popularly used as a cold and fever cure, Echinacea tincture can be applied to the painful tooth for pain relief.
  • Infuse a few drops of tea tree oil in water and apply this solution to the teeth and gums. This helps reduce inflammation thanks to the antibacterial properties of the oil but be careful not to use tea tree oil in an undiluted state, as it can be toxic.
  • Take a clove of garlic and place it on the tooth to help relieve the pain. You can also crush fresh garlic or mix it with a little clove oil for faster results. The allicin present in garlic has antibiotic properties that help clear up any infection in the gums and teeth.
  • The antibacterial properties in raw onion may also help reduce an infection and stop toothache. Chew a small piece of onion against the bad tooth to reap the benefits of this natural cure.

answered by G R

Remedies and cure for loose tooth -

  1. Take a powder of heckla lava from any homeopathic pharmacy. Apply this powder into the roots of the teeth and the painful sites.
  2. Apply a cotton swab soaked is vinegar on the painfull tooth.
  3. Take a remedy called as PLANTAGO 200 from homeopathic pharmacy take 5 pills of this every 3 hours for 2 days Then wait and watch.

answered by D M K

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