What are the causes of low blood pressure and dizziness? What are the risks associated with low blood pressure during pregnancy?

Blood pressure is the force with which blood flows through the blood vessels in the body. It is measured using a pressure monitoring device that records the pressure during the beating and resting phases of the heart. Low blood pressure can be a dangerous condition as it may lead to diminished consciousness. When one is diagnosed with this condition, it is important to control low blood pressure to ensure that it does not go to a dangerous level.

In order to control low blood pressure one must follow a diet that is healthy and full of fresh fruits and vegetables. This will ensure that there is good nutrition in the body. In many cases, low blood pressure is caused by some deficiency in the diet of the individual. This vitamin or mineral deficiency should be covered by the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet. One should also focus on healthy exercises that help to boost the metabolism of the body. Light walking and jogging are recommended for people with low blood pressure. Such individuals should make sure that they are accompanied for initial runs or walks as this will ensure that there is no risk of catastrophe if they suffer from a sudden bout of low blood pressure. An individual with chronically low blood pressure should visit a doctor.

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Many women are known to suffer from low blood pressure during pregnancy on account of the various changes that the cardiovascular system of a pregnant woman goes through. The normal blood pressure during pregnancy should be almost 120/80 however during the first trimester itself this may drop by 5 – 15 points. One of the common causes of pregnancy low blood pressure is that as the uterus grows it tends to exert pressure on the large blood vessels. Some of the effects of low blood pressure during pregnancy are fatigue, depression, dizziness, fainting, weakness, blurred vision.

One of the home remedies for normal blood pressure during pregnancy is to ensure that the pregnant woman follows a healthy diet to prevent low blood sugar levels and anemia and also drinks plenty of fresh drinking water to prevent dehydration. The effects of low blood pressure during pregnancy can also be minimized by trying to sleep on ones side during pregnancy rather than the back as this tends to restrict the flow of blood thereby lowering the blood pressure. Additionally low blood pressure during pregnancy can also be handled by trying to exercise regularly in the form of regular walks which will help in improving the blood circulation.

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Low blood pressure is one of the most common conditions all over the world and is measured at anything less than normal blood pressure – which is 120/80. Some of the more common causes of low blood pressure and dizziness include – dehydration, moderate to severe bleeding and inflammation of certain organs within the body. Understanding low blood pressure causes and remedies will help you be better prepared to fight the risks of low blood pressure, when the condition develops. Some of the other serious causes of the condition also include a weak heart muscle as well as a slow heart rate and a pulmonary embolism.

Because of the fact that the condition is such a common occurrence all over the world, a number of home remedies have been developed in an attempt to help people cope with a more natural form of treatment. Water consumption is considered to be the best and most effective form of treatment for the condition while sipping on a cup of strong black coffee when you sense the onset of blood pressure fall is also rather beneficial. Increase your intake of foods that are rich in vitamin C, vitamin B as well as proteins to help cope with the condition.

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What diet is recommended for a person with low blood pressure?

Blood pressure, whether high or low, can cause a great deal of health problems to people who suffer from these conditions. People suffering from variations in blood pressure need to be careful about their health because erratic variations in the pressure of blood being pumped from the heart to the brain will lead to the occurrence of a stroke, leaving one paralyzed or worse. A diet for low blood pressure would require you to monitor the amount of salt being consumed in your daily diet.

Increasing salt in the diet by a slight extent will help to raise the pressure of the flow of blood in the body. Various low blood pressure foods are foods that are normally consumed with the daily diet, and there need not be a special food chart drawn out for people suffering from low blood pressure. Curing low blood pressure would require you to get enough rest, as well as enough daily exercise to ensure that your body is healthy, while simultaneously balancing the pressure of the flow of blood in the body. Poor circulation in the hands and feet may require you to massage the hands and feet lightly to stimulate the flow of blood through them, thereby reducing the feeling of numbness in the body.

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Remedies and cure for low blood pressure-

  1. When one feels he is having low bp it is best to relax and come to a safe place as there can be giddiness and fall.
  2. Take 1 cup water with 1 tsp honey and 2 pinches of rock salt and drink.
  3. Take a bio chemic remedy called as natrum mur 3x 5 tablets 2 times morning and night daily for 1 month

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