Because of over weight I have black under arms what I have to do?

Bacterial infection may cause dark underarms, which may be due to excessive sweating, improper and infrequent washing of underarms, wearing tight tops, shaving, and use of harsh hair removing creams. Alcohol, cheap deodorants, and strong perfumes, are some of the other dark or black underarms causes.

Black underarms may also be due to type 2 diabetes or hormonal imbalances in the body and those who are overweight are generally affected. Get a blood sugar test done if your dark underarms accompany hyper pigmentation around the lower part of the neck.

  • Avoid eating excessive sweets and work out to remove those extra kilos.
  • A lotion or ointment having salicylic acid and alpha-hydroxy acids will be able to lighten the underarms.
  • Sometimes dead cells get trapped in the crevices of underarms, so thorough cleansing and light scrubbing of underarms is needed frequently. Wax the underarms instead of shaving.
  • There are different methods to lighten skin tone; however you should know that most of these methods are only temporary and should be avoided if looking for lasting results. One of the best remedies for black underarms is to wear clean, light, and loose cotton clothing. Powder the underarms after each shower; alternatively, baking powder can also be used.
  • Apply equal amounts of lime juice, cucumber juice, turmeric powder, and honey, regularly for six months.
  • Replace deodorants with alum powder. You could apply some baking soda to your armpits soon after a shower. Apply vitamin E oil, coconut oil, or calamine lotion on clean armpits to avoid friction and soothe the area.
  • A pack made by mixing equal amounts of sandalwood powder, gram flour, lime juice, milk, and just a little turmeric powder is one of the remedies for black underarms. Rinse off after 15 minutes.
  • Potato juice, tomato juice, curd, and rosewater are natural skin lighteners.

Laser treatment can lighten dark underarms and remove the underarm hair permanently. Please contact your dermatologist to know if this works well for you.

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