Back Waist Pain

I underwent a surgery 3 months ago and that time doctor gave me an injection on my waist now it's paining me. What can be remedy for this?

Experiencing back pain (or waist pain) after surgery is quite common in most people. The intensity of pain varies from person to person. For some, it goes away with light exercise, while for others; additional visits to the physiotherapist solve the problem. Since you are suffering from this pain, daily activities that require you to bend, sit, stand and so on could also be adversely affected. If the pain is intense it is bound to disturb your sleep too.

Lower back waist pain may be an after-effect of injecting spinal anesthesia. Not being able to maintain a correct posture because of the surgery, while doing basic activities, may be one of the causes of back waist pain. So, ensure that you maintain a good posture while sitting, standing, bending down to lift weight, or sleeping.

Strained muscles or injury to a ligament that results in a sprain will cause excess pain in the area and is also one of the most common causes of waist pain. Sometimes excess body weight can also lead to back waist pain, so do keep a tab of your body weight.
  • Massaging the back with mustard oil and salt is an age-old remedy for back waist pain. Massaging coconut oil mixed with eucalyptus oil is also good. Try taking 2.5 ml of guggulu with warm water after the meals.
  • While sleeping, sleep facing the ceiling, legs resting on a pillow and a very thin pillow under the waist, if needed.
  • Absence of activity aggravates back pain. Stretching exercises and deep breathing are very helpful in case of such back waist pain.
  • Include garlic in your diet, which is effective in absorbing lower back waist pain. Every morning, chew three garlic cloves on empty stomach for best results.
Please visit a doctor if you do not find relief even after using these home remedies. Try acupuncture, which serves as a great relief from such pain.

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