2 months ago I had a miscarriage (on 1st September). Now I am spotting. Urine test is negative. What should I do?

Miscarriage and spotting are common complications in pregnancy. Spotting after a miscarriage is normal as this is the way the body resets itself. Sometimes, it may take more than two months to stop the spotting after a miscarriage. Normal periods should resume within six weeks in most cases.If not so, there might be an underlying hormonal problem. Get your HCG levels checked, which should be 5.0 if you have recovered.

In your case, spotting is not due to pregnancy because implantation bleeding during initial weeks of pregnancy takes just two days. After that, there is no spotting at all. But as you said, your spotting lasted for about two months now, so it is probably the after-effect of your miscarriage. If spotting still does not stop after two months, consult your obstetrician, so that she can guide you if there is an incomplete miscarriage or any other medical issue and whether subsequent D&C is needed.

There is always a risk of infection till the spotting after a miscarriage stops totally. Use sanitary napkins, not tampons, until the next period. Douching increases the chances of infection, so avoid swimming and soaking in bath tubs. Take showers instead. If you experience pain, fever, or any discharge along with spotting, it implies an infection which needs urgent medical attention. Do not have sexual intercourse till the spotting subsides: this will prevent you from infection as well.

It is also important to complete the course of antibiotics prescribed by your gynecologist. It takes time before the body switches back to normal ovulation. Take plenty of rest and practice deep breathing exercise and meditation.It is possible to be pregnant soon after a miscarriage, but it would be better if you first allow the body and mind to recover. Eating a well-balanced diet helps in recuperating from miscarriage and spotting,and resuming normal life once again!

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