Is tea tree oil safe for kids to keep head lice away?

Tea tree oil can be used safely to treat head lice in children provided you take some precautions. Before trying to understand the efficacy and safety aspects of tea tree oil in treating head lice you need to understand more about what head lice infestation is.

Head lice infestation is a common problem faced by many school children owing to its contagious nature. It mostly affects school children who pick it up from other children in the crowded classroom environment. Head lice are tiny parasites that can only live on human scalps. They are whitish in color and look similar to a grain of rice with legs. They lay thousands of eggs which look like tiny white dots and are frequently mistaken for dandruff. Your child can get head lice by touching or sharing of clothes, combs, pillows or other personal effects and can just as easily pass it on to others. If you find signs of head lice infestation in your child, you should treat everyone in the family so as to prevent its spread.

The condition is completely treatable and there are several different treatment options available and tea tree oil is just one of them. Since children tend to have much more delicate scalps than adults, the solution applied to the scalp should not be too harsh as it could cause further irritation to your child’s scalp. Tea tree oil is very effective against head lice without being too harsh on a child’s scalp.

Tea tree oil is derived from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia plant which grows in eastern Australia. It has been used for centuries by traditional healers as a cure for any type of infection. Its antiseptic properties derive from a compound terpinen-4 which also has a potent anti-fungal and antibacterial action.

Before using tea tree oil to treat your child’s head lice infestation you should check her skin for any allergic reactions to the oil. This can be done by applying a few drops of the oil or a shampoo containing the oil to a small patch of skin on the back of the hands and waiting for some time to see if there is any allergic reaction.

Once you have established that it is safe to use the oil on your child’s scalp you can apply the oil and massage it into the scalp. Follow the instructions for use that are printed on the package. Make sure that the oil does not enter into your child’s eyes. The oil can be left for the stipulated period of time before being rinsed off.

Keep the bottle out of your child’s reach as the oil, when ingested, can be quite toxic.

answered by M W

Tea tree oil is a very effective way to drive the head lice away. You can mix it with your pesticide shampoo that you use for your child. It is a natural oil and is considered safe, however if your child gets allergic reactions to it then it can cause skin rashes. You should also take care that kids don’t ingest it as it can be toxic when ingested.

answered by S P

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