How to reduce an enlarged thyroid?

When there is swelling of the thyroid gland, it is known as goiter, and it can cause the swelling of the neck and the larynx, the voice box. The term is associated with the increase in size of the thyroid gland, regardless of whether or not it is functioning normally. In the world, over 90% of the people suffer from goiter due to iodine deficiency, though there are other underlying causes that cause thyroid growth. Other causes of goiter include congenital hypothyroidism, adverse drug reactions, Hashimoto’s disease, pituitary disease, Grave’s disease, thyroiditis, thyroid cancer, and thyroid hormone insensitivity, among others.

Causes and Treatment

The treatment for enlarged thyroid is based on the cause of the condition.

In hypothyroidism, there is too little or no thyroid hormone being produced, which can be due to a missing or undeveloped thyroid or a surgically removed thyroid. It can also be because of nutritional deficiencies, drugs, radioactive treatment, infections, nodules, or atrophy. This causes extreme fatigue, weight gain, fuzzy thinking, body pain, and slow reflexes. The treatment involves replacing the hormone deficiency, by prescribing T4 and T3 hormones, which known to be effective in treating an enlarged thyroid.

In some cases, an enlarged thyroid is due to a hyperthyroid, and as the name suggests, there is excess production of hormones. This can be due to an overdose of hormone replacement drugs, etc. Symptoms include loss of weight, diarrhea, increased heart rate, eye sensitivity, and high blood pressure. The treatment includes surgery to remove the thyroid, and radioactive iodine is administered. Unfortunately, this may lead to hypothyroidism in the long-term.

Autoimmune thyroid disease includes Grave’s disease and Hashimoto’s disease. These occur due to hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. The treatment involves lifelong hormone treatment along with nutritional support for thyroid by giving selenium, vitamins, tyrosine, and B vitamins to enhance the immune system.

Most of the types of enlarged thyroid cause health concerns and they need to be treated accordingly. There is increasing number of persons suffering from thyroid cancer, and this involves the removal of the thyroid. Radioactive iodine is also administered and radiation therapy is also given. Fine needle aspiration (FNA) is done by removing fluids through needle from the nodules; this is then tested so that further treatment can be determined. Based on whether the thyroid nodule or cyst is benign or malignant, surgery or medication is advised.

An enlarged thyroid gland is not dangerous, but the underlying conditions could be, and it is important to consult the physician for proper diagnosis and treatment.

answered by M W

Treatment for enlarged thyroid -

  1. Take a homeopathic remedy called as Thyroidinum 30 5 pills once bed time for 3 nights only.
  2. Do Pranayam in yog specially Kapaal bhaati and anulom vilom 15 minutes each daiy on empty stomach morning and night.
  3. Take virgin coconut oil 1 tsp in 1 cup milk daily .

answered by D M K

Treatment for enlarged thyroid-

  1. Please start immediately with Pranayam in yoga. do kapalbhati and anulom vilom 15 minutes each daily 2 times morning and night on empty stomach.
  2. Take a medicine called as calc iod 30 5 pills 2 times for 3 days .After this begin with biochemic tissue salt remedies called as kali mur 3x andcalcarea flour3x daily5 tablets of the former in the morning and later at night daily for 1 month.

answered by D M K

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