My son 9 years old is having white milky spot and there are two white patches on thigh

leucoderma is a skin disease in which white patches are formed all over the body. These white patches appear due to de-pigmentation of skin in the affected areas. The secretion of the pigment called melanin reduces and gradually the color of skin becomes white. Initially, it starts with tiny white spots and gradually develops into bigger patches. Leucoderma causes the skin to look ugly. It is important to know that leucoderma is not a contagious disease. The prime leucoderma causes include loss of pigmentation from layers of the skin.
Leucoderma Symptoms
Some of the leucoderma symptoms include:
  • Pale yellowish patches in the beginning that become whiter and whiter over time.
  • General weakness and fatigue.
  • Heightened sensitivity towards cold.
  • Loss of Hair.
  • Premature graying of hair.
Leucoderma Causes
The major leucoderma causes include:
  • Stomach related problem like indigestion, chronic constipation, worms, chronic gastric ailment, and chronic diarrhea.
  • Bad and irregular food habits.
  • Reduced levels of melanin in the blood.
  • jaundice or improper functioning of the liver.
  • Family history of leucoderma.
  • Vitamin deficiencies.
  • Certain type of allergies could also result into leucoderma.
The treatment for leucoderma is not easy and it is not certain as well. There is no guaranteed treatment for leucoderma and medication yet needs to be discovered. In the current treatment for leucoderma, emphasis is placed on the stabilization of the patches as re-pigmentation of the skin is not possible.
Some home remedies that are commonly used in the treatment for leucoderma include:
  • Make a paste of black gram powder and water and apply this paste over the patches twice a day. Wash it off with water after it gets dried up. After five to six months you will experience that patches are getting darker.
  • Consuming a mixture of cucumber juice and alfalfa is a very good home remedy for leucoderma. For this mix 100 grams of both the ingredients and drink twice a day.
  • Take equal quantities of red clay and ginger. Make a homogeneous paste and apply on the white patches two to three times a day. Wash it off after it has dried up. This has been an effective remedy in the treatment for leucoderma.
  • Grind dry leaves of pomegranate into a fine powder. Swallow about 10 grams of this powder with water twice a day. This prevents loss of pigments from skin, one of the major leucoderma causes.
You need to have patience while undergoing treatment for leucoderma as it may take several months to a couple of years to achieve positive results.

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Yes natural cures for leucoderma are very effective. Try the following remedies to treat the condition of your child –
  • Make a paste from 35 g radish seeds with 2 tsp vinegar. Apply this paste on the white spots. This is a very effective remedy to cure these spots.
  • Boil 500 g turmeric in 8 liter water till it becomes as less as 1 liter. Strain this and add 500 g mustard oil in it. Apply this on the white spots daily two times once in the morning and then in the evening till 2-3 months.
  • Eat 3-4 leaves of holy basil or holy basil daily in the morning. Holy basil plays an important role in treating leucoderma.
  • Avoid processed, junk, packed and canned foods as the artificial colors and preservatives can worsen leucoderma. Also avoid non-vegetarian foods, sour foods, lemon, carbonated beverages and caffeine in the diet.  
  • Include walnuts, figs, margosa juice, cucumber juice
  • Drink water kept overnight in a copper vessel as copper has properties to heal leucoderma.
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