Natural Cures For Wrinkles Under Eyes: I have wrinkles under my eyes and it has been since long time. I want to get rid of them. Please help.

Wrinkles under the eyes can be a sign of lack of sleep and rest, excessive exposure to the sun and advancing age. There are some simple home remedies which can stop wrinkles from advancing their menacing web. Apply coconut, olive or castor oil under the eyes. This will provide the much needed lubrication to keep the skin there supple and elastic. One of the major causes for formation of wrinkles is that the skin loses its elasticity, which is found naturally in collagen. You can try to add some collagen to your skin to improve its general health and elasticity. Crush equal parts of pineapple, tomatoes and apples and apply to your face. Wash off after about 15 minutes. Egg whites will also help in vanishing wrinkles and stretching the skin so that it looks younger and healthier. Make a paste of sandalwood and honey and apply this to the under eye area. This will help relax your eyes as well. Make it a point never to leave the house without applying sunscreen. Do not smoke, as cigarette smoke makes you squint and will form permanent squint lines much before they arrive naturally. Make it a part of your daily routine to moisturize your face every night before bedtime. In the mornings, apply and leave on a mix of glycerine and rose water under the eyes for naturally stretching your skin.

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